Partner Alliance Program


Through our Strategic Alliance Program, we partner with companies that bring unique focus and unique value to the industry.  If you are an insurtech, an established insurance and technology provider, or an innovator in P&C, the Kaboodle collaborative could be the perfect partnership to expand your brand and gain a leadership position in the industry.

Ideal partners:

  • Expand reach in the current Kaboodle product/service offerings

  • Create specialized or focused options beyond our current offerings

  • Will bundle some/all of their current products or services in the Kaboodle collaborative

  • Provide distribution channels for new products/services/data

  • Build success stories with partners/customers

  • Provide products, services, or data with proven track records

Our three phase vetting process is guaranteed

We quickly and effectively bring new partners into the collaborative who provide mutual benefits to the network. 


Partner Benefits

  • New Sales and Marketing Channels:

    • Gain access to Kaboodle’s existing client and prospect network

    • Gain access to new and joint marketing campaigns

  • Innovation & Incubation:

    • Your products or services are bundled and/or pre-integrated with our other partners

    • Be a part of our joint ventures to create new products and services

  • Kaboodle’s Shared Services:

    • Our leading marketing, sales, technology, human resources, BPO, project management, and QA teams are at your fingertips ready to drive your business forward