Managed Services (KT2)


A trusted partner who can help. Kaboodle’s managed services provide the tools, the expertise, and the delivery framework to provide business-aligned, integrated and secure testing, training and documentation solutions. Our managed services team helps insurers reduce operating expenditures and allows in-house teams to be more strategic and innovative. Kaboodle’s managed services, combine the development and maturation of testing with training and documentation, that when utilized and delivered together, help improve customer satisfaction, account profitability, documentation traceability, and smoother compliance audit-ability.

Kaboodle “bundles” traditionally separate and one-time services under one combined managed service, deeply integrated with our collaborators, and supported by a common team.

The Solutions

  • Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) 

  • Training as a Service (TaaS)

  • Document Governance 

Offered Together = KT2 Compliance Suite 


Testing Center of EXCELLENCE services

  • Focused on client configuration, integration, environment

  • Automated testing complimented with expert SME testing

  • Regression testing with ongoing test case construction

  • Use case analysis

  • Scalable and flexible dedicated team 

  • Early involvement to helping to validate requirements

  • Ongoing/living compliance related testing documentation 

Training as a Service

  • Combining technology with institutional knowledge resulting in a new product offering - Kaboodle University

  • Delivered in various forms:

    • Custom syllabus 

    • Standard classes – online, on-demand or onsite 


Products & Services / Offerings & Capabilities 

  • KT2 on Demand – TaaS  (Training as a Service) On-Demand, Online, Onsite

    • Kaboodle University 

  •  KT2 TCoE – Testing Center of Excellence 

    • Utilizing the Redhawk Automation Tool 

  • KT2 Compliance Suite – Combining all the services above 

    • Silver – Up to 100 hours a month of services 

    • Gold – Up to 300 hours a month of services 

    • Platinum – Custom hours or dedicated team

  • KT2 Health Monitoring 

    • Convergence of KPI’s from different sources into viable & actionable dashboards