Kaboodle Expands Partnership Alliance with Prelude Software

Kaboodle, an insurance collaborative that delivers innovative products and services to insurers, and Prelude Software, a leading provider of payment management technology, have expanded their partnership to include new collaborative payment services deployed on Microsoft’s Azure platform, integrated with multiple Kaboodle partner ecosystem offerings. The new services were deployed for Kaboodle clients and partners on July 1, 2018. 

Kaboodle is committed to be the only partner our clients will ever need by providing diversity in our offerings and expanding our pre-integrated products and services.  Like all Kaboodle Collaborators, Prelude's existing products and services can be made available to current and future Kaboodle customers through a single contract that bundles a variety of pre-integrated components from the entire community of Kaboodle partners. Prelude Software and Kaboodle are well positioned to have a long-standing, successful partnership and are working together to deploy new and innovative data services to the Kaboodle community within the next year. 

Prelude Software continues to actively champion and fully support insurers’ innate desire to increase customer satisfaction while reducing inefficiencies and cost relative to outbound payment processing. As a disbursement hub, Prelude’s PayPilot® seamlessly interfaces with both the originating core systems and third-party payment method providers, like Zelle, eChecks, Mastercard and Visa to transact behind the scenes to provide a perpetually growing, robust superset of payment-method capabilities and related ancillary processes to support its clients’ requirements for outbound payment processing.  Among the many processes that are native to PayPilot, like MICR check and ACH, the seamless integration with 3rdparty platforms offers an unsurpassed superset of capabilities that can be enabled, per each clients business rules to have as few or as many of these capabilities configured; meaning PayPilot can scale over time per the clients business needs.  Clients that use PayPilot get a disbursement hub that immediately allows best practices for outbound payments to be applied across as much of their enterprise as they choose.  

“Our relationship with Prelude continues to expand as they launch new products and services, and as we determine innovative ways to package their offerings with those provided by other Kaboodle Collaborators,” said Jeff Brown, President of Kaboodle. “Prelude is an outstanding example of a partner who engages the Kaboodle ecosystem to the fullest extent, for the benefit of customers and partners alike.”

“The strength and value of the Kaboodle alliance of companies for insurers is not only unique, but quite brilliant,” said Steve Root, President of Prelude Software. “It is clear that Kaboodle is focused on making things easy for carriers and this fits our 30+ years of proven track record of doing the same as it relates to outbound payment processing. The partnership of Kaboodle and Prelude Software now makes the end-to-end solution for insurers complete.”

About Prelude Software

Prelude Software is a leading provider of enterprise-wide disbursement solutions for insurance companies. For over 30 years, Prelude Software has provided insurance carriers its industry renowned PayPilot® disbursement hub solution to enable robust outbound payment and related, ancillary processing capabilities to support all types of payments, including claims, return premium, commissions and more.  The PayPilot solution extends the life and capabilities of clients’ existing infrastructure by interfacing with their siloed source systems to quickly and easily enables payment methods, including MICR check processing, ACH processing for electronic payments, eChecks, cards and virtual cards, and push payments (direct-to-debit), and digital wallets for immediate settlement.  In addition, the related payment-processing functionality, such as reconciliation, positive pay, OFAC scanning and escheatment are supported. Prelude's solutions enable businesses to better manage all aspects of their enterprise-wide disbursement processes, providing real-time life-cycle management of all outbound payments. The brilliance of this enterprise-wide hub means businesses have more control to drive efficiencies, best practices and compliance, providing flexibility to react to the marketplace. 

Prelude Software proudly serves its domestic customer base from its headquarters outside of Boston, MA and remote offices located throughout the U.S.  To learn more, please visit www.PreludeSoftware.com.

Contact: Bill Clausen VP Business Relations Prelude Software by phone 508-650 -0033, x321 or email bclausen@preludesoftware.com.

About Kaboodle

Kaboodle is an insurance collaborative that delivers innovative products and services to insurers by enabling insurtech startups to merge offerings with established vendors. Kaboodle shares a common vision and ownership structure with founding partners Insuresoft, Covenir, and Red Hawk. Kaboodle's creation was the assembly of a team of industry experts with offerings aimed at removing friction from insurance processes, allowing insurers and their partners to focus on what they do best. Kaboodle is privately held, with offices in Tuscaloosa, AL, University Park, IL, and Worcester, MA. For more information, please visit www.kaboodleteam.com, or email sales@kaboodleteam.com.


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