Our Shared Services Teams

Through Kaboodle insurers, carriers, start-ups, partners and investors alike find it easy and efficient to work with us.  Our technical platforms and shared service teams support future product innovation. We offer economies of scale and establish efficiencies, ultimately benefitting policyholders. Kaboodle provides functionality and configurability, in addition to deeply experienced technical and insurance resources.



RAPID (Rapid. Analysis. Prototyping. Integration. Deployment) team accelerates R&D support, by providing the tools, the expertise, and the delivery framework to provide business-aligned, integrated and secure solutions. RAPID helps insurers reduce IT operating expenditures and allow in-house technology teams to be more strategic and innovative. 




StART (Strategic. Account. Relationship. Team)  elevates project management support, by efficiently and effectively using predefined templates and tools that quickly and easily get clients up and running. With a library of tools and artifacts, they are equipped for many unique client implementations. 



Kaboodle’s managed services, KT2, provide the tools, the expertise, and the delivery framework to provide business-aligned, integrated and secure testing, training and documentation solutions. Our managed services team helps insurers reduce operating expenditures and allows in-house teams to be more strategic and innovative.


Our sales team provides sales support to all the companies within the Kaboodle network, while identifying cross-selling opportunities to further enhance and sustain profitable growth. 


Our marketing team delivers the highest-quality marketing services by sharing best practices, capitalizing on new trends, and sharing mutual tools.

Click the button below to request a copy of our marketing playbook, a comprehensive guide to the marketing services available to our partners. 


Our data teams leverage a unique combination of advanced technology expertise and analytic- specific software. They provide the tools so insurers can easily gain access to important information, speeding up the time from activity to analysis to action.