WORCESTER, MA – January 11, 2021 – Kaboodle, a fast-growth provider of smart data solutions for the P&C insurance industry, announced they have hired David Gerth as Vice President of Business Operations.

Gerth will be instrumental as Kaboodle expands its footprint, unleashing the transformative power of data throughout the insurance industry. Kaboodle caters to small and midsize insurers and MGAs who often don’t have the internal resources or budget to fully leverage the power of information.

“Most insurers have seeds of information from a multitude of disparate sources. Some of it is usable data, but most of it is wasted information,” Kaboodle President, Jeff Brown says. “The first step in the Kaboodle process is to round up and plant all the data seeds in one place – a data hub where it is cross-pollinated so data can be combined and harvested to answer complex business questions,” he adds.

Gerth has more than 20 years of experience in the insurtech space, working in finance and technology for P&C insurance carriers both as a consultant, and as an employee. His expertise includes financial and operational reporting design and implementation; data analysis and interpretation; and the development and implementation of new data tools. Gerth was involved with Kaboodle and its family of companies for more than a year before accepting this new role.

“Data is key to assessing the profitability of products, understanding risk and pricing and determining the potential of new opportunities. I’m excited about generating new ideas and devising feasible solutions to broadly relevant problems,” Gerth says.


Since 2017, Kaboodle has operated as an insurance collaborative, delivering innovative technical products, services and ecosystems to overcome insurers’ technical challenges. In 2019, the company developed a data-driven solution bundle that changed its trajectory. It was an epiphany. When the leaders at Kaboodle saw data’s transformative power, they knew it would be their next great frontier. Actionable intelligence is something that everybody needs, but nobody knows how to get … until now. Learn more at  https://www.kaboodleteam.com.