Get to Know Kaboodle

Kaboodle’s strength is derived from a myriad of contrasts. We are both insurance veterans and insurtech pioneers. We never lose sight of the big picture, yet it is informed by harvesting the small details. We help insurers find ways to both streamline and to expand. And, we are a boutique firm owned by a global technology corporation. Learn more below.

Insurtech Agility. Big Company Stability.



Founded in 2017
Founded by P&C insurance data nerds.
Trusted as partner by many leaders in the insurtech ecosystem.

Volaris Group

Kaboodle Parent: Volaris Group

15 vertical markets – 3,500 employees –
30 countries 65 business +46 brands

Constellation Software

Volaris' Parent: Constellation Software

100+ vertical markets – 13,000+ employees
– $2.1B in revenues (2016) – $16B+ market
capitalization (Dec 2017)

At Kaboodle, you get the innovation that comes from a nimble insurtech, backend by a powerful family of proven businesses.

Our parent, Volaris keeps us on the cutting edge and gives us stability for the long haul.

They allow us to operate autonomously while infusing our company with best practices to keep pace with rapidly changing industry.

Volaris Group is owned by Constellation Software, an international provider of market-leading software and services.

A Partner You Can Count On

•   Extensive insurance industry experience   • Stellar Reputation for delivering on our word
•  Trusted as a partner by many leaders in the insurtech ecosystem

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