Kaboodle, an insurance collaborative that delivers innovative products and services to insurers, and HazardHub, the nation’s first third-generation supplier of geospatial risk data, today announced that they are in production with two different carrier clients. HazardHub provides new and innovative slices of hazard-related underwriting and rate data. HazardHub’s data is integrated with another Kaboodle ecosystem partner, Insuresoft’s Diamond platform, and delivered through standard APIs. The carriers selected to integrate with HazardHub gain the benefits of an aggregated data source, including Melissa Data and Spatial Key. Kaboodle makes it easy for the customers and partners throughout the ecosystem to consume and leverage this data, in addition to data from other partners.

“HazardHub provides value to the Kaboodle partner ecosystem because of its growing depth and breadth of data, combined with their robust APIs. Their pre-integration to our platform make them a smart choice for our customers and our ecosystem of partners,” said Jeff Brown, President of Kaboodle. “We are committed to providing Kaboodle’s customers with new and emerging sources of data through our ecosystem, and there is no better example of that commitment than our partner HazardHub.”

“HazardHub is proud have gone live with two carriers clients that are members of the Kaboodle Team,” stated John Siegman, HazardHub Founder and CCA. “Our hazard data components will allow these carriers to make more informed rating and underwriting decisions, providing for significantly better loss ratios.”

HazardHub’s existing services can be made available to current and future Kaboodle clients through a single contract, which bundles a variety of pre-integrated products and services from the entire community of Kaboodle partners.

About Kaboodle
Kaboodle is an insurance collaborative that delivers innovative products and services to insurers by enabling insurtech startups to merge offerings with established vendors. Kaboodle shares a common vision and ownership structure with founding partners Insuresoft, Covenir, and Red Hawk. Kaboodle’s creation was the assembly of a team of industry experts with offerings aimed at removing friction from insurance processes, allowing insurers and their partners to focus on what they do best. Kaboodle is privately held, with offices in Tuscaloosa, AL, University Park, IL, and Worcester, MA. For more information, please visit www.kaboodleteam.com, or email sa**********@ka**********.com.

About HazardHub
Air. Fire. Water. Earth. HazardHub is the only third-generation provider of property-level hazard risk databases spanning the most dangerous perils in the continental United States. HazardHub translates huge amounts of geospatial digital data into easy to understand answers, providing easy to comprehend risk scorecards that are used to make real world decisions. Our team of scientists provides comprehensive, and innovative, national and regional coverage for risks that destroy and damage property. For more information please contact HazardHub at su*****@ha*******.com.