May 15, 2019 – Kaboodle, an insurance collaborative that delivers pre-integrated single source products and services to insurers via its network of partners, and Transcynd Claim Partners (formerly Strategic Cat Solutions, SCS), a claims TPA firm, have expanded their relationship to provide TRANSCYND with data discovery and analytics tools for self service capability.

TRANSCYND has been leveraging data visualizations, operational analytics, and on-demand reports since 2018. Through an upgraded license, TRANSCYND can now create their own dashboards and reports using all the available dimension and measure data points from the Diamond Data Platform. Additionally, they can create customized table calculations, personal charts and dashboards, and sharable reports. Through the Kaboodle collaborative, TRANSCYND has combined Insuresoft’s claims platform; Prelude’s outbound payment services; Looker’s data analytics tools; and Covenir’s first-notice-of-loss BPO service, into a cohesive platform that allows for rapid deployment and onboarding of new TRANSCYND customers.

“The Kaboodle collaborative and partner platform will help our organization continue to provide the accurate and timely claims settlement that our customers require,” said Steve Backman COO at TRANSCYND. “Kaboodle continues to exceed our expectations by introducing new and improved technologies from their diverse partner ecosystem, enabling us to deliver a modern and seamless solution to our customers.”

“TRANSCYND uses the agility and continuity of the Kaboodle network to continually enhance the services they provide their customers, with operational data analytics and visualizations” said Jeff Brown, President of Kaboodle. “Our innovative services exchange and data hub enables TRANSCYND to deliver a modern and intuitive platform experience to their customers that is built upon a consolidated view of the operational data they use to run their business.”

About Kaboodle
Kaboodle is an insurance collaborative that delivers innovative products and services to insurers by enabling insurtech startups to merge offerings with established vendors. Kaboodle’s goal is to remove the friction from insurance processes, allowing insurers and their partners to focus on what they do best. For more information, please visit, or email sa**********@ka**********.com.